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Health & Safety at RCRC
See how we row: all RCRC programs row in single person boats.
If you are interested in signing up for a class or program and have questions about how health and safety concerns are mitigated at RCRC, please email info@rivercityrowing.org

Learn to Row Classes - Registration Now Open

Learn to Row classes for middle school, high school, and adult athletes teach the basics of rowing: technique, teamwork, and commitment.  Three programs are offered:

  Middle School Rowing (MSR) 

  • Grades 5 through 7
  • Start with a Beginning MSR class:
    • Classes run May - August
    • 3 week class: 3 practices/week
  • After one Beginning class most new rowers are ready to move to Middle School Rowing Team Sessions
  • Keep rowing beyond the summer!  MSR Team Sessions run March through November

 Junior Learn to Row (Jr LTR)

  • Grades 8 through 12
  • Start with a Junior Learn to Row Class:
    • ​Classes run June - August
    • 1 week class: 5 practices
  • After one Jr LTR class, rowers are ready to sign up for Jr LTR Team Sessions. One session will be held in July and one in August
  • Keep rowing beyond the summer!  Join the competitive Junior Team in early Sept 2020, as a Novice rower.

Adult Learn to Row (Adult LTR)

  • Ages 18 - 80+
  • Start with an Adult Learn to Row Class:
    • Classes run May - August
    • 1 week of class: 3 practices
  • After one Adult LTR class, new rowers are ready to sign up for adult LTR Team Sessions in one week increments
  • Keep rowing beyond the summer!  Join the Novice Masters (adult) Team and row year round.

In Spring & Summer 2021, all RCRC classes are only rowing in single person boats, naturally providing social distancing while allowing rowers to train alongside teammates

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September 15, 2020

With Challenges Come Opportunities

Since reopening the Boathouse RCRC has been rowing singles only. For many, this has been new and sometimes daunting territory, especially on the breezier days.  But the rewards are clear, as our members gain immediate feedback with every stroke to help them become better rowers!  And as they gain confidence they are seeing how enjoyable it is to be able to row their own boat.

Demand from the public has not diminished and we are doing our best to accommodate. Class sizes are quite limited to ensure safe athlete to coach ratios. Every Middle School, Junior, and Adult Learn to Row class this summer was full, and waiting lists are pushing many to try private lessons as their only...

Today we'd like to share with you an update on the expansion project that will keep RCRC rowing for many years - this newsletter looks at the recent work on the expansion site and outlines the projects that are beginning.

ages 18-80+

8th-12th grades

5th-7th grades

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