Rowing Programs for Adults of all Ages and Levels

RCRC is following Yolo County protocols related to COVID; measures that the County recommends are recommended by RCRC and measures that the County requires are required by RCRC in order to participate in the affected activity/visit RCRC. You can view the full Yolo County Protocols here, and the supplemental Youth Sports protocols here. A summary of how these apply to rowing at RCRC is available below. Thank you for helping make everyone's rowing experience as safe and easy as we can.

Start Rowing with RCRC

New to Rowing?

Adults18 - 80+ who are new to rowing can join RCRC's Learn to Row program, offered May through August each year. Graduates of Learn to Row are ready to keep rowing with the RCRC Novice Masters team.

Team Boat and Mask Policies

Experienced Rowers

Explore our Masters Teams (linked in the right) and email RCRC for an invitation to join team practices for up to two weeks. The Club will connect you with the team/s most suited to your level of experience and goals for rowing, so you can try several teams plus meet your potential teammates and coach before officially joining RCRC as a masters member. Email info@rivercityrowing.org to get back on the water.

Additional Programs

Email RCRC for additional information PRIOR to registering for these programs: info@rivercityrowing.org

Due to COVID-19 protocols, RCRC may not be able to offer the summer collegiate membership to all interested rowers.

Keep rowing with RCRC

Club Membership

All Masters rowers & coxswains who row out of RCRC are members of the Club. Membership is annual and grants members access to the Club equipment they are checked out to use. All masters members are welcome to use the ergs and weight equipment, so long as their use does not conflict with established team practices. After attaining Small Boat Certification, masters members may row club 1x, 2x, and 2- independently of a coached practice.

The membership year runs July 1 through June 30. Membership and coaching dues may be prorated for new members who join after July. Click Registration & Dues to the left to review current annual dues.

Coaching & Teams

The majority of RCRC members are part of a team for the coaching and camaraderie. Participation in a coached Masters team (Novice, Intermediate or one of the three Advanced teams) requires annual coaching dues in addition to Club membership. Team members practice 3-4 days per week, following their coach's training plan, and coaches coordinate racing opportunities for interested team members.

Please contact info@rivercityrowing.org with questions regarding masters membership.