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    Concept2 Skinny Sculling Oars

    RCRC's 230 masters, junior and middle school rowers share 24 sets of sculling oars. That's enough for 24 rowers to scull at the same time. Coaches regularly coordinate who will be sculling during joint practice times however in the lead up to large regattas, and during RCRC events this dictates when certain teams can train and sometimes limits the number of rowers who can either participate in RCRC events. Adding a set of Concept2 sculls will give all RCRC rowers more flexibility in their training, and allow more rowers to participate in events.

    Starting at $490 for 1 set (2 sculling oars)


    Wakeless Launch

    RCRC has six flat-bottom coaching launches.  We can improve safety and rowing conditions by upgrading to wakeless launches.

    WinTech’s 16’ launch provides wakeless maneuverability for training and regattas. It can hold two people plus up to an 8+ crew in rescue conditions. Steered by the motor it is ideal for tight docking and operating situations.

    Starting at $10,500


    Mercury Marine Engine

    RCRC has six outboard motors which receive heavy use, usually twice a day almost every single day of the year.  A reliable motor is the coach's number one safety item.


    Despite regular tuneups, each year our engines get another year older so it is crucial that we continue to upgrade our motors.

    Starting at $2,580


    Ships Set-Up Ladder (3)

    These rolling step ladders would be used to help get boats safely off the top two racks, adding stability for our athletes as they handle and carry expensive and fragile boats.

    Starting at $700


    Mustang PFD Inflatable Belt Pack (8-10)

    These low profile PFD's would use these for each coxswain and for anyone who does not pass the swim test.​ Currently these members wear bulky traditional PFD's which impede the rowing motion.

    The Inflatable Belt Pack PFD from Mustang Survival fits around the waist like a belt, staying out of the way until you pull the inflation cord. Easy to wear and maintain, it inflates to provide 35lb buoyancy, more than twice the flotation of a traditional foam PFD.

    Starting at $200

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    Zip Boat Covers

    Zipped boat covers protect our expensive and fragile shells during transportation to regattas, and can be used to cover boats while they are stored outside at races.

    Starting at $960

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    Dynamic Erg

    Help River City Rowing take our recruiting to the next level and make our presence dynamic at special events all over the region with two pairs of dynamic ergs (four total).  Dynamic ergs will make RCRC much more exciting and give participants the feeling of rowing and the challenge of doing it in sync with a teammate.  Teams of two can race against another to see what a great workout rowing is and learn what it takes to succeed as a team. https://www.concept2.com/indoor-rowers/dynamic

    Starting at $1,250

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