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Beginning classes & non-competitive rowing team for 5th-7th grades

RCRC is following Yolo County protocols related to COVID; measures that the County recommends are recommended by RCRC and measures that the County requires are required by RCRC in order to participate in the affected activity/visit RCRC. You can view the full Yolo County Protocols here, and the supplemental Youth Sports protocols here. A summary of how these apply to rowing at RCRC is available below

Thank you for helping make everyone's rowing experience as safe and easy as we can.

MSR Program

Start Rowing with a Beginning Class

Beginning Middle School Rowing Classes are offered May through August each year. Classes are three weeks long, for nine practices, and introduce new rowers to the basics of the sport. After completion of a Beginning Class, rowers may move into Middle School Team Sessions, or may be advised to take the Beginning Class once more to increase their comfort in a rowing shell before joining Team Sessions.​ Please email any questions to coach Holly Hopkins

Stay Rowing with Team Sessions

Team Session of Middle School Rowing are three weeks long with one session held per month, March through October/November. Our focus in Team Sessions is to continually develop rowing skills, improve physical fitness, and strengthen team skills, while rowing with teammates in a fun and positive environment.


Rowers sign up for each session that is offered, or those that fit their schedule.


My child is 11 but in 4th grade. Can they join MSR?

Yes, ages 11-13 may join MSR. 8th graders who prefer a lesser commitment than the competitive Jr Rowing Team are also welcome in the program.

Are rowers required to know how to swim?

All Beginning classes will hold a swim test on the first day. Participants who do not pass the test but show basic swim skills may stay in the class and will be required to wear a PFD when on the dock or in the boat. Email coach Holly for swim test details.

Email coach Holly if you have any unanswered questions

Beginning Classes run May through August
Team Sessions run March through November
We highly recommend your child take at least one Team Session within two months of completing a Beginning class. Rowers who wait more than 3 months may need to refresh their new skills by taking a Beginning class again before continuing on to Team Sessions. Email coach Holly if you are unsure which class would be the best fit for your rower.
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