RCRC Expansion Project

Graphic by Laurie Widman

Expansion Project Goals
  • Provide space for current and future growth

  • Incorporate the erg room into our existing location

  • Separate workout spaces (incl running) from traffic

  • Provide additional space for outdoor exercise

  • Have new space be ADA compliant

  • Be able to support multiple programs concurrently

  • Add public paddling membership

  • Additional space for regatta support

RCRC Programs
  • Master (adult) Membership

    • 150 annual members

    • 5 teams

  • Competitive Junior Rowing Team

    • 80 annual members

    • 4 squads

  • Adult Learn to Row

    • 90+ participants May-August​

  • Junior Learn to Row

    • 60+ participants June-August​

  • Middle School Rowing

    • 50+ participants annually​

  • Private Lessons



Since RCRC’s founding in1983, the club has quickly grown from having barely enough people to fill a borrowed eight-person shell, to a roster of 200+ adult and youth members who row out of RCRC year round, with another 200+ community members joining Learn to Row classes annually. Through this time, the club’s junior and masters programs have made their mark on the regional, state, national, and even world stage as our rowers have captured titles at all levels or competition

The Expansion Project

For nearly two decades RCRC has been talking about the need to expand our space; additional facilities and equipment at the port will offer exciting opportunities for the club to grow and give all our members the room to achieve even more in the future. In 2018 the RCRC Board of Directors, working with our directors, developed a list of project goals and developed plans centered on the dirt lot across from our existing area. In 2019 those plans came to fruition through an agreement with the Port to replace the existing tenant and lease

Young willow grove, Spring 2021

Outdoor Workout Areas

These facilities give club members and class participants the space and equipment for varied land training in a beautiful landscaped area.

Weights Area

For years the RCRC weights area has been crammed between the fence and the ramp to the 4s house, with the gate being the one and only pull-up bar, and the concrete pad the only area for a weights circuit, when the space is free from parked trailers. Now athletes have a dedicated weights area!

Running Trail

Much like the weights area, jogging and warm-up opportunities for RCRC athletes have been poor at best, with the access road being the longest stretch available to run. Many seasons of athletes have navigated this run, often in pitch black darkness, dodging potholes, rocks, and

High Voltage Fitness Course

While inventorying construction materials left for us by the previous tenant, we found several timbers, old power line cross bars, with signs warning “High Voltage”. The timbers, signs and other repurposed materials are being incorporated into the stations of a fitness course: the “High Voltage Circuit”.

Weights Area
Weights Area

Middle School Rowers jumping
Middle School Rowers jumping

Weights Area
Weights Area


Sycamore trees leafing out, Spring 2021

New Structures

Together these structures provide a second space to store and launch boats so we can decompress the existing boathouse and make room for rowers to workout regardless of the weather

Rowing Pavilion

This 30' x 60' structure will double as rack space for boats used for rowing classes, as well as a sheltered workout area, protecting athletes and boats from the strong summer sun and occasional winter storms. Storage containers alongside the pavilion will be an additional weather barrier while providing secure storage for oars, paddling equipment, etc,

Dock & Gangway

An ADA compliant dock and gangway will provide a second and safer launching site for RCRC classes, teams, and regattas, allowing programs to train at the same time.

8's House Erg Room

By shifting boats for RCRC classes over to the new Rowing Pavilion, RCRC will make space for a fully protected erg room in the current 8's house. This will allow members and class participants to erg even on rainy days.

Site layout
Site layout

8s house revision - concept drawing
8s house revision - concept drawing

Vicinity Map
Vicinity Map

Site layout
Site layout


New site after grading, Summer 2020

Site layout (new dock will lead from the pavilion)
Willow Grove
Tree lined drive to new site
HollyWood log scramble
Plantings on border of new site and parking lot

Graphic by Laurie Widman

The expansion site is a multi-phase project. Every donation helps RCRC move to the next step and more fully use of the beautiful new area. Thank you for making this expansion possible.