River City Rowing Club enjoys hosting multiple events every year, welcoming our fellow rowing clubs and the broader community to the RCRC Boathouse

and Port of West Sacramento


Head of the Port

5K Head Race
Juniors, Collegiate & Masters Events

River City Rebellion

A Small Boat Tournament


3 rounds of 1K sprints
All ages racing 1x, 2x & 2-'s

Hour of Power

Intra-RCRC race in the deepwater channel
30min out. 30min back. All-out all the way.

National Coastal Clean-Up Day

Members, families & friends are invited to join RCRC and clean up the Port
EMAIL: info@rivercityrowing.org
PHONE: 916-741-3709 (use email for a quicker response)
River City Rowing Club
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West Sacramento, CA 95798

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