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Team Building

Rowing - the ultimate team sport

​If you have ever watched Olympic rowing, you will notice that every motion is together, in time, controlled and synchronized – everyone in the boat is working as one system, one unit, and one team. Communication and teamwork is the only way to get the boat moving properly, and there is no hierarchy in rowing.

RCRC’s teambuilding experience may not teach you to be an Olympic rower, but we can promise you it will be a thoroughly rewarding experience for any team – no matter if you’ve known each other for 10 years or 10 minutes! By the end of the session you will be working as a team to achieve a common goal. The session will improve your team communication, trust and understanding of each other.

What to expect from RCRC Team Building

Your journey starts with learning the basics of the rowing stroke on a machine (an “erg”) and progressing through to rowing on the river with a 12-foot oar in a boat, working together with all of your team to glide past the beautiful West Sacramento scenery and wildlife (spot the jumping fish, ospreys, beavers, and sometimes sea lions!).

At all times, you will have a highly qualified coach guiding you through every step and encouraging the team to work together and get the boat moving faster. Many think rowing is all about raw arm power – but that’s not the case at all. Power is mainly generated by the leg muscles, and the most important things are technique and efficiency rather than strength.

We are highly confident your team will get a lot out of the experience and will leave with lasting memories and a real sense of achievement. Indeed, it will be far more memorable and better value for money than the “traditional” team building that often happens in an office, training center or bar.

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