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a rowing program for cancer survivors

Open house

Join us for an introduction to ROWsist! Check out the boathouse, the indoor rowing machines we use, and get in a shell (rowing boat)!

ROWsist Cancer is a rowing program for cancer survivors at River City Rowing Club 

The program was founded in May 2023 and accepts new rowers at the beginning of each month. No experience with rowing or athletics is necessary to join, only medical clearance from your physician.

  • Rebuild strength and mental focus through rowing

  • Enjoy teamwork and the beauty of rowing on the water

  • No experience is required and all ages are welcome!

Program Schedule

Four-week classes offered Feb - October

Two practices/week: Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:00 pm and Sundays 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

New participants are welcome to start at the beginning of each class

Email Program Coordinator Shari Lowen for assistance getting started

Program Requirements

After registering for their first class, ROWsist rowers will need to complete three items:

1. Medical Clearance from your physician. Ask your physician to review and complete this Medical Clearance form, then email the completed form to Program Coordinator Shari Lowen at Any concerns or restrictions you have will be discussed with you to determine if ROWsist can adequately support you.

2. USRowing Individual Membership. You must become an individual member of USRowing ($25 annually). Instructions are provided when you register for your first class.

3. Swim Test and/or Personal Flotation Device (PFD.) You will need to either pass the swim test, or you may choose to wear a PFD (provided by RCRC) when on the dock or in a boat. You are welcome to register for a class and wear a PFD until you have the opportunity to take the swim test. 

Financial Assistance

The expense of cancer treatment often jeopardizes a survivor’s financial stability. ROWsist aims to make rowing accessible to as many survivors as possible, regardless of background. Financial assistance will be available to the extent allowed in the budget. Please contact ROWsist Program Coordinator Shari Lowen at or 916-956-4068 if you would like to request financial assistance.

Sign Up

Registration for each class opens two months prior to the first day. New participants will need to receive their medical clearance prior to participating. The swim test may be completed after registering, as you may wear a PFD instead.

Contact Program Coordinator Shari Lowen
(916) 956-4068
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