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Item #1 Est. 1983 T

Cotton blend T from JL

Mens S-XXL

Womens XS-XL


Item #3 White RCRC T

Tech material

Mens S-XXL

Womens XS, S, L, XL


Item #5 Gray T

Tech material

Mens S-XXL

Womens XS-XL


Item #2 SuperRCRC T

Cotton blend T

Mens S-XXL

Womens XS-XL


Item #4 Navy RCRC T

Tech material

Mens S, M, XL

Womens XS-L


Item #6 Visor


One Size


Want more RCRC gear?

         Masters and Junior members have two opportunities annually to order more specialized RCRC gear through the JL and/or SewSporty Team Stores. Order dates are announced through the Junior & Master Club listservs.

Order Form

Gear orders must be picked up from the RCRC Boathouse. Check or cash will be accepted at time of pick-up. 

Enter the Item #, size (if applicable), and quantity for each item you wish to purchase.

Most orders will be ready for pick-up within 3-5 days. Your confirmation email will contain pick-up and payment instructions.

Item #7 Sunhat


One Size


Item #10 Sticker




Item #8 Sweatshirt




Item #11 LP Frame



1 for $3 or 2 for $5

Item #9 RCRC Bag

Drawstring bag


Item #12 Oar

Sweep or scull oar, freshly painted. Fun to hang on a wall


Old Regatta Shirts

Only sizes L through XXL available. Not all shirts available in all sizes. Surprise shirt could be a shown HoP shirt or a complete surprise! Most shirts are tech material.

1 for $5 or 3 for $10

Item #13 HoP 2014


Item #14 HoP 2015


Item #15 Surprise T

You pick L, XL or XXL RCRC picks the shirt!

RCRC Glassware

1 for $3, 2 for $5, any 4 for $8!

Item #16 RCRC jar mug

Item #19 HoP 2016 glass cup

Item #17 SuperRCRC jar mug

Item #20 HoP 2013 beer glass

Item #18 HoP 2017 glass cup

Item #21 HoP 2012 beer glass