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Learn to be a coxswain!

Adults  - sign up for a Learn to Cox class, run in conjunction with each adult Learn to Row class

Youth - sign up for Junior Learn to Row, email RCRC your interest in coxing


keeps the boat safe, implements the workout, runs the race plan, gives technical feedback, & motivates teammates

noun    cox·​swain  / ˈkɒk sən, -ˌsweɪn /

the steersman of a racing shell who directs the rowers


River City Rowing Club has an especially collaborative and supportive coxswain community. 


Monthly meetings of masters's coxswains across all teams build community, prepare for sprint and head races, set goals and share resources. Those with prior coxing and rowing experience and novices are welcome. River City Masters compete at the highest levels of masters rowing. 


Junior coxswains 

For more information, please contact:

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