All shirts must be picked up from the gear tent on race day (July 11) or after race day from the RCRC Boathouse

Pre-order deadline is Wednesday June 23: a small selection of styles and sizes will be available for purchase on race day. Order ahead to get the style you want in the size you need.

To order multiple items: add the first item to your cart, then select 'continue shopping' from the PayPal checkout page (the link will be in the upper righthand corner).

All shirts are lightweight, highly breathable and moisture-wicking polyester

Sizing and fabric specs: Sleeveless, T-shirt

Unisex T-shirt: Navy

Unisex T-Shirt: Royal Blue

Womens Sleeveless: Navy

Womens Sleeveless: Royal Blue

Pre-orders are CLOSED

RCRC has placed a small order of shirts which will be available for purchase at the gear tent on race day, July 11.